In previous posts about Botox injections I stressed quite a lot about responsible use of Botox.

Botox InjectionsThis is not the way acted movie star Sharon Stone, which recently appeared on newspapers’ first pages for something related to Botox injections.

It seems like she lost the custody of her 8-year-old son Roan because she thought to give him Botox injections’ sessions to fight his strong feet odor. Roan’s father, Phil Bronstein, got really upset about this and he asked to have the custody of his son.

The court could only agree with him with a sentence standing out the obsessive behaviour of Sharon Stone about fitness and good shape.

The reason for which the actress, 50, has a smooth skin with no wrinkles is, apart from make-up, Botox injections. But irresponsibly use it to cure her 8-year-old son problems is just absurd.

That’s what Los Angeles judge Anne-Christine Massullo thinks as well, contacted by Phil Bronstein to take away Roan from Sharon Stone. The appeal of the actress to have him back, charging her husband for abandoning, failed. Sharon Stone was defined as hysterical and the solution for the kid was to use socks and use feet deodorant…

With this article I want to stress once more the importance of responsible use of Botox injections, which is a wonderful way to look youthful or to cure certain body-odor or excessive sweating related problems but that is allowed for person from 18 to 65 year of age and should always be performed by medical trained personnel.