Finding the right doctor to get Botox injections is not an easy task. There is plenty of options but, due to the nature of the procedure, risky as all medical procedures can be, you may want to entrust to an expert professional.

The first thing you have to do is find names of known Botox injections’ specialists.

There are two main ways to get names: Ask you friends who already got injections and search for names in search engines (e.g. Google).

Your friends can give you a disinterested opinion about the doctor that treated them, since they’ve experienced first-hand what it was like.

Botox InjectionsTrust them more than somebody unknown or a page in the internet. Furthermore if the friend you’re asking lives in the same city as you he will probably recommend a doctor in that city, so it will be easier for you to have an appointment with the doctor.

If you search on Google for doctors try first adding the name of your city, it will be a great time saver to find a doctor near you. Search sites and forums and look for opinions and prices, go beyond simple promotional sites.

When you’ll have a list of five or six doctors, set an appointment with them. If possible bring with you a friend who already has Botox injections, he will know better than you which are the key-questions to ask. After every appointment note down your impressions, the doctor’s attitude (professional, friendly, rude etc.), when you are finished it will be easier for you to take a decision reading your notes.

I hope this will help you in your quest for the best Botox injections‘ specialist!