The first not deep wrinkles usually appear at the age of 22-25 in the upper third of the face. Almost invisible mimic wrinkles most often appear in young people. These wrinkles become deeper and more visible with age.

Unlike men, who do not worry about the formed wrinkles, women painfully react to the changes of their once perfect facial skin. After all, mimic wrinkles are primarily associated with inevitable aging process. This is when applying Botox treatments becomes the idea that comes into people’s minds.

Fine, thin and sensitive facial skin in women is exposed to the formation of deep and permanent facial lines. They do not disappear even when facial muscles are relaxed, and very often, the skin structure around the wrinkles worsens.

If proper care of facial skin did not help in preventing the wrinkles formation, modern cosmetology offers an effective and most importantly a safe way for smoothing out expression lines and finding a way back to perfection – Botox injections.

Botox injectionsJust one cosmetic procedure with Botox is sufficient to make a woman forget about her wrinkles for at least 3 months. Just 3-5 days after the injections, a woman’s appearance will be completely transformed, and her youth will attract admiring glances.

Regularly used by a woman, this drug may not only help her maintain her attractiveness, but also break the habit to contract the forehead and to knit the brows. IF you use Botox systematically for 2-3 years, remember to reduce the interval between the cosmetic procedures for wrinkles smoothing up to once a year.

The non-regular Botox use allows you using it two or three times a year. Cosmetic medicine uses this drug in minimum doses. So, even if you apply to its regular use for smoothing deep mimic wrinkles, these cosmetic procedures still remain absolutely safe for female body.

This drug is one of the few means, which help smooth out even the deepest wrinkles in several days after administration.

Herewith, Botox efficiency and safety are confirmed by numerous clinical and post marketing studies. By their results, the drug was approved by the FDA (the USA), AFSSAPS (France), MHRA (the UK), Medsafe (NZ), TGA (Australia) for expression wrinkles elimination.

If you decide to buy Botox without a prescription, read the terms of this medication delivery. We want to draw your attention to the fact that on an online pharmacy you may order this drug online in any country worldwide (including the USA, the UK, France, Australia and the NZ).