Botox injection is the most popular procedure in cosmetology today, it is used in aesthetic medicine to help people to get rid of mimic wrinkles.

Botox risksThe most common areas for the anti-aging injections with Botox:

  • around the eyes,
  • on the forehead
  • between the eyebrows.

Cosmetologists assure that there are totally no risks in Botox treatment. They claim that it is the safest and most effective way to get rid of facial wrinkles, compared to plastic surgery.

Herewith, specialists of aesthetic medicine affirm that there is no risk of complications and side effects when injecting this drug.

You should know that elimination of mimic wrinkles is a painless procedure.

Just one procedure is enough to smoothen the wrinkles. But you should also note that rejuvenating effect of Botox injection remains for 4-6 months only.

Therefore if you want to have young and fresh face all the time, you should repeat these cosmetic procedures regularly. The safety of Botox injections supposes that the anti-aging cosmetic procedures with this drug cause no damage to the body.

Any drug or medical procedure may provoke complications and side effects. Botox injections treatment have a zero probability of negative events, if a competent specialist carries out the procedure.

Complications that may occur after the anti-aging procedures with this drug include:

  • eyelid drooping
  • distorted facial expressions

These are possible because of excessive Botox dose and/or improper injection.

Thus, you should allow only a highly qualified specialist to inject the drug into your face.

Mechanism of Botox action lies in the fact that it is injected right inside the facial muscles that take active part in mimic activity. Thus, these injections suppress their activity and they cease reacting to movements.

Before a competent cosmetologist proceeds with the cosmetic procedure of injecting Botox, risks assessment procedures are performed:

Botox risks

1. patient’s face examination,
2. skin structure determination,
3. identification of the type and depth of the mimic wrinkles.

He should also give recommendations on what to do after the aesthetic procedure.

By following these recommendations, patient secures himself of complications and therefore increases the duration effect, achieved after the intramuscular Botox injection around eyes or other areas.

You may buy this aesthetic medicine online with no prescription on the online pharmacies in the UK and any other country. Prices for the drug may vary greatly. Thus, a careful search may help you save some money and reduce the cost of Botox injections.