As mentioned in previous articles, Botox Injections are a great way to give you a youthful aspect. It paralyzes the muscles that tend to wrinkle giving you a smooth skin. It is usually used on face muscles, forehead and eyes.


Botox InjectionsOne of the major concerns when somebody is thinking about submitting a Botox Injections’ treatment is that since some muscles are paralyzed the face will look paralyzed too and facial expressions will be very limited: “Doctor, will I be able to look surprised, happy or frown after a Botox Injection?” often ask future patients.

The answer to this legitimate question is “Yes, definitely!” Botox Injections act locally on the lines that are persistent on your face. Those lines have developed over time. Botox will erase temporarily them but will allow you to express yourself freely with your face.

The effect of Botox injections can last up to four months, if you don’t treat again during that time eventually your wrinkles will appear again. Sometimes you could see somebody who has been injected Botox to seem to have “devil” eyebrows. This happens for two main reasons. One of them is the doctor is not good at Botox Injections. I’d like to stress the fact that you must receive this treatment from a qualified professional in an adequate environment.

The second reason is that actually some people ask for those kind of eyebrows. Reducing “crow feet” and lifting up the eyebrows are a very effective way to lighten up your sight and look younger.

I hope this article has clarified the main concern of people looking for information about Botox Injections. Anyway the best way to verify this post is to contact somebody who has receive the treatment so you can see by yourself and ask he person how it feels. You’ll be amazed. You’ll hardly notice the treatment and the person who has taken a Botox Injection will look perfectly natural and, obviously, younger and better.