It is believed that face goes under some unpleasant changes after Botox injections. Facial expression is not disturbed, despite the widely spread assumption. A properly conducted cosmetic procedure maintains the natural facial emotions expression.

Botox injections partially block only hyperactive facial muscles that contribute to wrinkles formation. Given that the drug does not affect other groups of facial muscles, the natural facial expression maintains after this aesthetic procedure.

People, going through this treatment, maintain their ability to express any emotions without forming a facial expression mask. Botox injections make the mimic activity of your face more controlled and calm. The drug smooths out even the deepest mimic wrinkles.

However, facial rejuvenation procedure should be repeated periodically to keep the achieved result. In the first few years, the intramuscular injections with Botox are recommended to administered every 3-6 months. Subsequently, you may reduce the number of cosmetic procedures down to once a year.

Do not forget that the medication may be used to remove expression wrinkles in women and men aged 18 – 65 years only. At young age, it is most often used for smoothing the wrinkles that formed due to the hyperactivity of mimic muscles. Botox prevents the deepening and formation of new wrinkles, helping young people maintain their attractive appearance.

Botox injections and facial expressionYou may prevent the manifestation and deepening of facial wrinkles at young age not only through injecting Botox into facial muscles, but also by trying:

  • to control your facial expressions;
  • not to squint and not to frown in the sun.

If you want to get rid of wrinkles by means of this cosmetic medication, you may order its delivery on an online pharmacy.

Before you buy Botox online, please familiarize yourself with contraindications for the use of this muscle relaxant.