Every woman, regardless of her age, wants her skin to be elastic and smooth. Unfortunately, skin loses its elasticity over time, and wrinkles occur.

Botox features of use in womenAs a rule, the first wrinkles appear:

  • on the forehead,
  • in the nasolabial triangle.
  • around the eyes.

Then, wrinkles form in the following areas:

  • on the nose bridge,
  • on the neck,
  • on the chin,
  • above the upper lip.

Modern aesthetic medicine uses a lot of different methods to remove wrinkles and maintain youth of a woman’s face. Botox injections, administered intramuscularly, are one of such anti-wrinkle methods. The drug not only eliminates small wrinkles, but also effectively smooths out deep wrinkles, when administered into the women’s facial muscles.

Thus, Botox treatments return youth and elasticity to the facial skin.


Number of wrinkles, their depth and the speed of their formation do not depend on the woman’s age. This is due to the fact that wrinkles are formed under the influence of various factors. One of these factors is active facial expression.

When emotions are expressed or hidden, muscles of facial expression are strongly stretched, contributing to premature formation of facial wrinkles. Wrinkles formation in young women may be caused by excessive use of decorative cosmetics and prolonged exposure to sun. Sun rays make the facial skin dry, reduce its elasticity and contribute to wrinkles formation.

When the first wrinkles appear, some women start to actively use cosmetic agents that help smooth out wrinkles and maintain skin youth and elasticity. Others are already considering Botox effects a great possibility of stopping the process of ageing.

Age-related wrinkles usually start to form after 30 years.

This is exactly the age, when doctors may suggest you to use Botox. Wrinkles increase in number in the following ten years. At 55-60, facial skin in women loses its elasticity and wrinkles become deep and are strongly expressed.

Women preserve their natural facial expression after the cosmetic procedure. Botox does not affect the blood supply of facial muscles. They are constantly in a relaxed state after the injections. Therefore, wrinkles smooth out, and face looks younger.

Botox prevents new horizontal and vertical facial wrinkles due to its prolonged muscle relaxant effect. Thereby, it restores the skin elasticity and maintains woman’s face young.

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