Botox Cosmetic is a drug, used for the correction of mimic wrinkles in men and women aged less than 65. It should not be prescribed for smoothing wrinkles in pediatric patients under 18 years.

Botox Cosmetic is marketed in vials that contain haemagglutinin complex (botulinum toxin (type A), human albumin sodium chloride), used for intramuscular injections.

Manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic for smoothing expression lines is the pharmaceutical company Allergan. Allergan Company is the only manufacturer and supplier of this drug at the regional pharmaceutical markets.

  • In the U.S., Botox Cosmetic was approved by the FDA in 1991.
  • In the UK, the MHRA granted a trade license for the sale Botox Cosmetic in 2009.
  • The TGA (Australia) approved Botox Cosmetic for smoothing facial lines in 2012.

Features of Botox Cosmetic use in aesthetic medicine

Pen needle, size of 30G (10mm) is recommended for the intramuscular administration of Botox Cosmetic injections. During the injection procedure, the needle should be directed medially and upwards.

Bruises and painful sensations are possible at the intramuscular injection sites, just like after any other injection.

Botox CosmeticThe drug should be used carefully in:

  • congenital or acquired facial asymmetry;
  • hypertrophy of the skin and the circular muscles of the eyes;
  • unilateral or bilateral ptosis.

Patients may experience muscle weakness and dizziness after the administration of Botox injections and within a few hours after this anti-wrinkle cosmetic procedure. Therefore, driving is not recommended after the procedure.

  • If a plastic surgery of the face was carried out before Botox Cosmetic injection procedure, the interval between the cosmetic surgery and this drug administration should be at least three months.
  • If lines correction with Botox Cosmetic is carried out systematically, the interval between the procedures of should also be at least three months.

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