Your face is exposed to external and internal factors every day. Wind, dust, dry rooms, and cold adversely affect the skin. You may an protect it from external influences, using makeup but it is much more difficult to deal with the negative impact of the internal factors provoking the wrinkles development. This review will help you figure the benefits you get after using Botox, as well as other means for maintaining your skin young and beautiful.

Botox Cosmetic for keeping youthfulCertainly, first of all you should compensate the lack of vitamins and trace elements, needed for the normal skin condition.

However, wrinkles form not only due to the lack of nutrients, but also due to the activity of mimic muscles.

This is where we start considering Botox benefits for fighting wrinkles.

Botox beneficial effect will help you eliminate the result of high facial muscles activity throughout your life.

People expresses their emotions by means of mimics. We frown, laugh, smile, and blink.

Facial muscles are in constant tension. They compress and stretch the skin. In youth, folds are not formed, and skin quickly returns to its original position, since it has the ability to recover.

However, the skin elasticity deteriorates with age. Skin loses the ability to be smoothed out and, moreover, deep wrinkles appear at the places, where facial muscles are especially active. If you reduce the muscles tension, they will cease to “wrinkle” the skin.

Botox injection is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for achieving this result.

Botox eliminates facial wrinkles. Safety and efficacy of this drug was provided by the manufacturer, which is the pharmaceutical company Allergan Pharmaceuticals. The active component of the drug is OnabotulinumtoxinA – peripheral action muscle relaxant.

Botox benefits are achieved through the mechanism of its action:

1. It exerts a relaxing effect on the muscles.
2. It temporarily deprives their mobility.
3. Muscles cease to compress the skin.
4. Wrinkles smooth out naturally.

The beneficial Botox effect lasts a few months, allowing the skin to rest from constant deformation under the influence of facial muscles. State of rest contributes to a rapid skin regeneration, and its general condition improves in the problem areas.

Another Botox benefit is that it almost lacks contraindications for use.

A few conditions, when one should refrain from this drug, are:

  • acute phase of chronic diseases;
  • inflammation process in the place of proposed injection;
  • allergy to the drug components;
  • pregnancy.

The probability of Botox side effects is minimal, when it is used in proper way. A slight edema and pain are possible at the injection sites, which is, probably, the only disadvantage. Yet, these unpleasant events ae usually mild and disappear in a few days.
Another insignificant Botox risk are slight, almost invisible, bruises you may have after the procedure. However, these also have a passing character and never really cause any discomfort. places of injections administration it is possible that go away within a few days. You should contact a highly skilled specialist if you want to get the best effect from such treatment.

When women at the age of 49 or any other age decide on applying Botox for its high results in fighting wrinkles, they should address only an experienced doctor. Remember, only a professional, who passed special trainings and has a proper certification, should approach your face with a needle.

Botox requires an accurate dose calculation and determination of the drug administration points.

An experienced doctor is capable of showing you all benefits and avoid any disadvantages. One of important aspects in the drug use is the preservation of facial expression.

Botox injection points are, therefore, very important to preserve an adequate look. The drug administration requires a careful study of the patient’s facial features to achieve true success and best results.

Botox injections are available for sale both in conventional and online pharmacies. As a rule, the online pharmacies have various promotional programs, the benefits of which are lower prices and favorable shipping terms.

So, before you buy Botox on an online pharmacy, compare the prices and delivery terms on several of them. Careful search may help you save your time and money.